Getting Life Results – EP 21 // It’s A Choice Not A Sacrifice // Shwanda Shallow

“We put ourselves in a box and insert an “or” where there could be an “and”.”

I had a conversation with my doctor, and I was giving her my spill on how much I had sacrificed to be a good mother to my kids. She too had challenges while pursuing her career as a doctor being a mother, but she didn’t consider herself making sacrifices. Instead, she said she made choices. Those words have stuck with me ever since. She chose to take care of her children, rather than hire someone else to do so. Her choice to take long vacations from work to spend with her family, meant she did not see as many patients, but that was her choice. She owned every consequence that came with that choice.

I strongly believe life and how you live it is a choice.  With every choice made or not there is a consequence and an experience. Your future is defined by the possibilities of your yesterday and the choices of your today. We don’t make sacrifices; we make life choices.  Whatever you choose to do you can choose not to do it. 

I used to make sacrifices, until I had that conversation with my doctor.  Making sacrifices gave me an excuse and a scapegoat for the time I thought I did not have.  I learned I was the one putting limitations on myself in terms of what I could or could not do.  No one was telling me I could only do either or.  Making sacrifices is confinement, but making choices is freedom. 

In this episode, I give you new revelation that will help you choose choice rather than make sacrifices.

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