Getting Life Results – EP 20 // Navigating Change // Shwanda Shallow

“You want to move through transition like you are going somewhere and you plan to get there.”

Change has never been as profound as it has been since the world abruptly stopped. In this season, we are all experiencing things we’ve never imagined in our lifetime. Smiles are hidden by masks.  Warm greetings are replaced by cautious and apprehensive head nods.  The silence of small talk in the grocery store on the bread isle is so loud and deafening.  

I get it. Trust me. I do understand we have to continue to practice social distancing and wear our masks to protect ourselves and others.  The continuous threat of the spread of the coronavirus is still very real. There is still quite a bit of uncertainty.  But, the one thing that is certain today is change.

There is nothing more certain than change, other than death, but even it is a transition. A transition from life.  

We all react to change differently. Somewhere along the spectrum, we either love change and can’t do without it, or we resist it, and prefer things to remain the same. At the end of day, all change is unsettling. Whether you thrive in or struggle in change, in this episode, you will discover a few tips you can heed to that can help you navigate your change successfully.

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