Getting Life Results – EP 19 // The Power Of Speaking Kindly To Yourself // Shwanda Shallow

When you have a positive mindset, you’ll attract more positive experiences in your life.

The way we speak to ourselves can be the determining factor in whether we are victorious or we are defeated. Growing up my grandmother used to always tell me life and death were in my tongue. I really didn’t realize the power in that saying until I became an adult and experienced life.

Words are powerful and if you don’t realize how powerful they are, you can find yourself losing the battle against them. The sad thing is so many of you take for granted the potential of words when it comes to talking to yourself. You speak so poorly to yourself and don’t even realize the damage you are causing.

So, why do we speak so poorly to ourselves? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of your inner critic. Though it’s difficult to believe, your inner critic, you see, she has good intentions. In her effort to protect you, she says whatever she needs to make sure you avoid any hurt, disappointment, rejection, criticism or failure. But, if not kept in check, she can destroy you.

You have to learn to silence her and speak more kindly to yourself. There are different strategies you can learn to help you do so that I propose in this episode. Things like learning when you are being critical of yourself and stopping those thoughts, replacing critical thoughts with something positive, and writing down compliments you receive are a few ways you can practice speaking to yourself with care. Try on approving yourself for a chance and experience a more lovable you and fulfilling life!

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