Getting Life Results – EP 18 // Teleworking And Homeschooling – Keep Your Sanity // Shwanda Shallow

“In order for you to show up fully and engaged to work, as a teacher, a parent, and a spouse, you have to have adequate sleep and rest.”

With all the challenges we have faced since this quarantine, the one thing that is really been trying is teleworking and homeschooling. The teleworking is not the problem. I actually enjoy working from home. It is the integration of them. It is the task of trying to work with two kids constantly asking questions and tugging at me for help and attention. That is the problem.

I have found ways and made adjustments to make this new way of living work for me and my family. In this episode, I prescribe to things such as establishing a routine, taking breaks often, signing off from work and not allowing work to bleed into your downtime, journaling, and simply taking deep breaths and relaxing, and you too can implement with your family and remain sane.  

Out of all of those ways I just mentioned, having a routine and journaling have made all the difference. With a routine we have consistency and expectations are known. Writing in my journal allows me to direct my day rather than allowing my day to control me. My days are more focused and intentional which leads to greater productivity for the entire family.

Something we have to be reminded of is to simply breath and relax. Everyone is home with their children homeschooling and experiencing some of the same things. Do not fight against the process. Flow with it. Everything is going to be alright. We will get through this!

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