Getting Life Results – EP 17 // Trust The Process // Shwanda Shallow

To trust the process means to believe despite what you see or experience that there is a divine plan moving through you and your life at any given time.

Nowadays, we all have some degree of fear whether you admit it or not. Many of you are scared crazy of the coronavirus.  Many folks are experiencing uncertain times now.  You are out of work and don’t know when/if your job will call you back. You are a non-essential business owner and was  forced to close your business. The closure has drastically impacted your income.  There are some essential businesses that are still open, but sales have gravely decreased.  People aren’t out patronizing your business.  It blows my mind when I go out to go to the grocery store, and I see entire shopping plazas are empty.  

Seeing lines of folks wrapped around buildings waiting to go inside is the norm now. While it’s not always fun to wait in a long line, I do appreciate the business owners doing what they can to control the number of people in their store to help us practice social distancing.

It’s a crazy time, and many of you are struggling and having a difficult time understanding how we got here. Though you don’t understand, you have to trust the divine process of life and flow with it. Trusting the process is believing everything will get better, and it will. In this episode, you can find comfort in trusting the process.

Thank you for spending time with me! Make sure to leave a comment and let me know how you are trusting the process.

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