Getting Life Results – EP 16 // Survival Of The Spouses In Quarantine // Jimmy Shallow

“Spending time laughing and enjoying each other is a recipe for longevity.”

During this “stay-at-home” order, many couples have been forced to spend more time with their spouse or significant other. For some, this time together has been a great experience, but for others, it’s been a nightmare.

My husband and I have seen more of each of other in the past couple of weeks than we have in our 9 years of marriage. It’s definitely been an adjustment, but we work on making it work. I’m sure it’s an adjustment for most couples.

People are taking to social media to express their feelings and to joke about the difficulties couples are having seeing each other so much. Some of it is quite funny. But on a serious note, sadly, domestic disputes have greatly increased during this time. The struggle is really real the spouses these days, and many are working very hard to survive each other.

The problem for many of them is they’ve never really worked to get to know their spouse. Now that they are stuck in the house with them, they’re discovering they don’t like the person they are with. But there is hope. You can always work on getting to know that person, as long as there is a mutual agreement, and you are willing to put in the work. What better time to do so, when time is all most of us have.

My husband and I have found ways to continue to like each other while sharing the same space, and we talk about some of those things in this episode. What’s helped us is we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Regardless of what you do or how creative you are, if you don’t enjoy being around your spouse, you are going to have problems.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Life Results – EP 16 // Survival Of The Spouses In Quarantine // Jimmy Shallow

  1. Stanley Brewer says:

    Most needed in these times, priceless and doing things together walking, cooking etc. Working together… Even the kids

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