Getting Life Results – EP 14 // We Will Get Through This // Shwanda Shallow

“You can choose to spend your days sitting around scared and anxious, or you can choose to have productive days.”

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks and a big adjustment for my family. However, it hasn’t been too bad.  Being confined to my home with my husband and kids reminds me of when I was growing up as a kid.  

My family and I spent a lot of time together.  I grew up in a rural town called Beauregard in Lee County with my grannie, mom, and two younger sisters. My aunt and her three boys lived close by. So, my sister and I always had my cousins to play with. In the country we didn’t have much to do, so the family was together quite a bit entertaining each other. As I think about it, those were some of the best days of my life. If we didn’t have anything else, which we didn’t most days, we had each other. 

The coronavirus has taken us back to those days.  Now that we are sequestered to our homes, families are interacting and engaging more.  The troubling thing is not everybody is happy with being around their family.  For some of those people, they have good reasons for not wanting to.  One of my husband’s customers who is a police officer was telling him domestic violence is on the rise.  That really disturbed my spirit hearing that, and it’s so sad. I pray that those women who live in those environments have the courage to leave before it’s too late.  

On a more positive note, for the families that are filled with love and their dynamics are healthy, this time together is much needed.  In my opinion, the state of the family unit was in danger before corona came on the scene.  The meaning of family has been redefined and become less important. Children are being stripped away from their parents and placed in cages and facilities to care for themselves. More and more parents are present but absent. 

Technology and other advancements in communication has caused us to become antisocial. You have more working parents spending most of their time working and making a living for their families doing everything rather than spending time with each other. The concerning thing is our children are watching us and imitating the same behaviors.

We have to find ways to cope and make it out of this crisis better than before. Spending time with our families is much needed as is spending time with yourself. This silent chaos will settle, and we will get through this. We are in this situation whether we want to be or not. You can choose to spend your days scared and anxious, or you can choose to have productive days. This episode is a dose of encouragement to help you to keep pressing on. This too shall pass. Stay home and stay safe my friends!

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