Getting Life Results – EP 13 // “Fear Can’t Be Trusted” // Shwanda Shallow

“Like a double-minded man, fear can be unreliable and dishonest.”

The coronavirus crisis is a whole mess y’all.  It has caused such a disruption in our daily lives.  Tissue and bread are a scarcity.  I mean entire shelves of food and toiletries in supermarkets are empty and remain empty for days. But worse than any of that, people’s lives have been taken by this virus. It’s caused so much pain and terror in such a short period of time.  And the scary thing is, it will get so much worse before it gets better.  

The state of the world is pandemonium. Whatever you read, listen to, or watch the propaganda is fear and a whole lot of it.  Fear is definitely warranted in and during a time as this.  While I appreciate the media doing its job reporting and communicating happenings and the news, I feel like many times their tactics and intentions make things much more difficult and devastating.  It’s the nature of the beast I guess.  

On Saturday, my kids wanted to watch a movie that we could all sit down and watch together.  They chose Frozen II, since daddy didn’t go with us when we went to the theater to watch it several months ago.  And plus they love the movie. There is a scene in the movie where Elsa, the sister with the snow powers, says “fear can’t be trusted”. This is a powerful statement in so many ways. Those words stuck with me and were so fitting with everything going on in the world today.  So, I addressed fear’s deceiving nature in this episode.

Fear is like a double edge sword. It can be a dangerous thing, if you aren’t careful with it. It can be both an obstacle that hinders you and a tool for guidance.  On one hand it can trigger you to react to danger to save your life.  A police officer once told me, fear is what keeps him alive in dire situations.  Fear causes him to be more attentive and aware of his surroundings and interactions.  It allows his instincts to be in full drive as he approaches a vehicle with a driver behind the wheel.

Fear is a powerful emotion and has a purpose. Regardless of how it appears, its purpose is to stop you; keep you from danger or to keep you from progressing.  How you channel this powerful emotion determines your outcome.  You have to control it, rather than allow it to dictate how you react or respond to it.  

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xo, Shwanda

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2 thoughts on “Getting Life Results – EP 13 // “Fear Can’t Be Trusted” // Shwanda Shallow

  1. Lacharne Springer says:

    Shwannda this podcast is awesome..I truly believe it will change many lives during this time. Keep doing what you’re doing God has great things instore for yoy

    • Shwanda Shallow says:

      Thank you so much Lacharne! That is my hope. People will have the courage and be empowered to change their live and have a positive impact on others. I really do appreciate you listening.

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