Getting Life Results – EP 12 // Contentment vs Complacency // Shwanda Shallow

“Appreciate where you are, but always reach for where you are going.”

Contentment and complacency are two words often confused and misused. There is a fundamental difference between the two. Being content means you accept the reality of your situation without complaining or resenting it.  When you are content, you work to change the things you can and accept the things you can’t. You do so without being disheartened. You continue to do your thing staying optimistic and joyful. 

When you are complacent, on the other hand, your mindset is just enough will do. You are satisfied with mediocrity and have no aspirations for anything more. Contentment is healthy, but complacency is hazardous. 

We move through different seasons, and we have to be content in the season we are in while anticipating a better season to come. There are seasons of sowing and there are seasons of harvesting. If you are unhappy in your season, but refuse to do the work to improve it, then you are complacent.  You can’t expect to harvest what you didn’t sow. If you remain complacent and never do anything different, you will reap what you’ve always sown even if it’s nothing. 

Contentment is proactively pursuing your goals and complacency is reactive and stagnant. You can be content and happy where you are anticipating where you are going, and I talk about how in this episode.

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