Getting Life Results – EP 11 // Time Out! Stop Apologizing For Being You. // Shwanda Shallow

“You are afraid to be great.”

As a coach, I’ve worked with so many people who struggle with being comfortable with themselves. It’s so easy for others to see how great and wonderful they are, but it’s difficult for them to see through those same lenses.  These people often stay in the background and hide themselves, so that others feel better. To them it’s wrong to love yourself and be into yourself. They make themselves smaller to fit in and to be accepted. 

Staying out of sight is their safe place.  They don’t have to put forth much effort and are excused from doing anything to fix their problems. They’re unhappy and revel in their unhappiness.  They’re miserable, and are masters at pretending.  Most of the time these people are brilliant and extremely talented, but are painfully insecure and/or socially awkward.  This may be you.  

You act in humility, but your portrayal of modesty can be unattractive and repulsive.  You try to pull off being a regular person, but people can see right through it and are turned off. This play is interpreted as desperation and attention seeking which is far from what you are trying to represent.  Regardless, whether you accept it or not, there is greatness in you.  You can run from it, try to repress it, stay in the background, stay quiet and try to go unnoticed, but it always finds it way in the spotlight.  

Your problem is you are so worried that when you own and embrace who you are, you will be noticed, and you will offend other people.  You’re concerned that others may feel you think you are better than them, or that you genuinely love yourself or that you are into you. What others think makes you very uncomfortable.  The nerve of you to like you! Honey, that type of thinking is toxic and bad for your health.  I say to you the nerve of you not to like you!  

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