Getting Life Results – EP 10 // How To Not Fall Into Overwhelm // Shwanda Shallow

“If you learn to protect your peace like you protect your life, you will experience less stress and be much more successful.”

Talking with a colleague about his high school daughter, I took a trip down memory lane to the time when I was in high school. I have such vivid memories of some fun times back then. The one thing that comes to mind is how free I was. Life was good and worry free. Those were the good old days, and for a quick minute, I wanted to go back in time only to experience those days of having nothing to worry about. No hangups, or pressure, or dealing with overwhelm. No life changing decisions.

Today, as an alive and well responsible adult there are few far in between care free days. Adulting can be overwhelming. It’s so easy to get caught up in overwhelm and feel like you are drowning, and life is beating you down. Even on a good day, life can be overwhelming. Just think of all you have going on. Your phone is constantly buzzing, there are demands of work, family needs, those infamous to do lists, illnesses, email and social media overload, expectations, invitations and the list can go on and on for the things that take up our time. If that’s not enough, you have all types of decisions to make like food choices, commitments, money worries, health concerns that weigh you down.  And what happens, you end up stressed out as things get more and more chaotic in your life.

So, you may be asking, how can I move through life with less stress and overwhelm?  Life is about choices and there will always be choices we have to make. Being overwhelmed is a choice. Life happens, and it has no respect of person who it happens to.  Something or someone is always going to demand your time, and there is constantly something that has to be done, but the key is to how you respond to those demands.

It is possible to create a more peaceful environment and way of living, and I provide a few tips on how to do so in this episode. I also share ways in which I have learned how to create my peace and avoid the pitfall of overwhelm.

Leave me a comment on my website, or send me a direct message on social media and tell me how you avoid or deal with overwhelm. Thanks for hanging out with me today!

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