Getting Life Results – EP 08 // How To Create Balance By Setting Boundaries // Shwanda Shallow

“I often remind myself I can do a lot, but I can’t do everything.

Work-life balance has proven to be quite the challenge for some people. With so many people, appointments, and meetings pulling for your time and energy, how can one manage it all? Technology creates so much distraction in your life by creating means for people to contact you during and after work. Life and those in your life can be so demanding making it difficult for you to enjoy each, work/career and personal life, as separate lives. But, it is possible my friend, and you can do so by setting boundaries. It helps to understand balance doesn’t appear by you searching for it, but you have to create it. In this conversation, I discuss how setting boundaries allows you to create the results you desire in both your work and personal lives, hence creating balance between the two.

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