Getting Life Results – EP 05 // How To Reposition Yourself After A No // Shwanda Shallow

“How you respond to No can change the trajectory of your life be it positive or negative.”

We’ve all had an experience, be it in business, on a job, or in life in general of being told No.  Whether we admit it or not, no one likes to be told No.  It can be disheartening and cause all kinds of intense feelings.  For many, the first reaction to hearing that dreadful word, is to stop or give up.  Throw in the towel, but that isn’t a healthy way of dealing with rejection. No can disrupt your progress, but it shouldn’t stop you.  Maybe you should look at it differently, and see No could be used as the foundation to ultimately, get what you want. Change your perspective. The key to your ability to manage a No or being rejected is your response to it. It’s difficult to be on the receiving end or even the delivery end of a No, but in some cases, it’s necessary. Episode 5 gives you different perspectives of No and delves into the different ways you can utilize it to position yourself for a Yes.

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