Getting Life Results – EP 04 // New Year’s Blues // Shwanda Shallow

Don’t allow your past to dictate how you live your present and what you expect in your future.

It’s a new year and everyone is excited and anticipating the great times and manifestations this decade will bring. Not you. You’re walking around like the Grinch of New Year’s. Anger, frustration and agitation are your portion. You’re really struggling to get into the spirit of the New Year. 2019 did a number on you, and you’re still dealing with the hangups and disappointments. You have no energy or motivation to plan and prepare for 2020. My friend, you are suffering from the New Year’s Blues. In episode 4, I offer you practical solutions to help you make amends with last year and embrace 2020 with expectancy.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Life Results – EP 04 // New Year’s Blues // Shwanda Shallow

  1. Lacharne Springer says:

    This is an awesome topic Shwanda. I know so many people that go through the new year blues. I am one that is always optimistic regardless of the situation I always feel that this year things will be better and often they are.

    • Shwanda Shallow says:

      Thank you so much Lacharne for listening! That is great you can be optimistic even though things don’t look good. Make sure to check in each week on Wednesdays to listen to new episodes.

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